The chronicles of Doodlebean and Public Administration 

“…an optional is an optional
Neither it is yours nor mine
If it’s yours it will be a cause of worry
If it’s mine it is a cause of pain again..”

This is an eternal,omnipotent and omnipresent truth in case of Public Administration in the post-2011 era of UPSC.

It all started in 2010 when I used to attend the Public Administration classes of Vajiram and Ravi. Believe me Mr. Rajesh Gupta is a Master of the subject. Still there was a void.. A sense of vacuum… Concepts ko samajh rahe the lekin yaad nahi ho raha tha.. There were so sooo many thinkers.. Kisko yaad kare, kya yaad kare??

Then a class test was announced and I scored shamefully low. All determined to change my optional but Gupta Sir suggested some improvements. I decided to give it a last shot and.. Bang! I was among the Top 5 in those gargantuan batches of Vajiram. My batchmate then n today even — Mr Kapil Joshi can corroborate the same. 🙂

The art of inter-relation,  co-relation, making diagrams, extracting case studies etc…. I developed these over the last 4 years.. Will be dealing with them in the following write up.

Let me take a pause to clarify a few things —

1) Regarding the new syllabus or the leaked syllabus –
The biggest libraries of the most famous colleges of Delhi University are incapable to address the requirements of the novel thinkers. I am working on the same. Will update soon.

2)Don’t ignore the basic syllabus at all. Likh lo.. Note kar lo. As u know UPSC is unpredictable,  I will not be amazed if December 2015 will bring a pleasant surprise for pub adm optional people.

3) Will take up your queries here and there in the blog. Hope this approach helps everyone.

Query 1
” I finally got the IIPA Journal’s gist book, yay or nay?
Or what about the art of answer writing in this era of vagueness?? “ — Pranjal Singh

Ek baar mere Mentor bole the — ” Doodle! Mujhe ye mat btaao ki tumhaare paas kitni kitaabein hai yaa kitne journals tumhaari library mein hai.. Ye btaao ki tum kitna yaad rakh sakti ho??”
Remember Mahatama Gandhi –Trusteeship Theory–the amount of property which is of your immediate use belongs to you. For the rest you are just a trustee. For instance,  if you can use Former CAGs statement  from these IIPA articles in any of your answers THEN IT’S WORTH IT OTHERWISE NOT.

Aisa kuch hota hi nahi hai. Achhe resources padhiye. Zyaada se zyaada retain kariye. Newspaper ki case studies ka istemaal kariye. Ek diary maintain kariye jisme most important two liners likhiye jise alternate days par revise kare.Diagrams bnaaiye. STRUCTURED ANSWERS likhiye jo practice se hoga. Will upload some of my answers in the next session.

Let us assemble the resources first
-Rajesh Gupta Sir – Class notes
-Radhabinod Aribam book for paper 1 and 2
-Shubhra Saxena Super 50
-Mohit Bhattacharya New Horizons
-Nicholas Henry -selected readings
-ASPA journals – pick up as per your retention power
-IAS Portal monthly pub adm magazine
-IJPA journals
-Case studies from THE HINDU,  INDIAN EXPRESS
-Rajni Goyal

Query 2
“Write about Paper 2 answer writing, where to find examples and case studies to quote??
Should we relate concepts of Paper 1 in Paper 2?” –Harshini Gopal

In the Newspapers there are numerous case studies which come on a daily basis..See!! If an article comes on the op-ed page that DBT has not worked properly in Kotkasim District then you can pen down the same in your diary with 1-2 reasons and reproduce the same in the Policy Implementation question in the exam..Or an article on the legacy of the PSUs.. Learn 2-3 facts like how much employment they provide,  contribution in GDP and it will lead to an increment in the quality of your answer… Or if a news item on page 2 that a ‘transparency mela’ is being organised in so n so district of Rajasthan then you can mention it as a new experiment in social auditing.

Paper 1 and 2 have to be necessarily interlinked in order to fetch good marks.

Query 3
“Another important aspect is Contemporary Thinkers.. Now questions are framed from new thinkers presenting pub adm paper in foreign universities..?? “
–Ram Naresh Sikaria

Exactly.. I’m working on the same.. Will update on that..Simultaneously keep referring to ASPA.They do contain many contemporary thinkers.

Query 4
“Add relevant points for general studies paper 2 in comprehensive manner if syllabus wise its good” — Yogesh Unde

Sirji I’ve already covered the same in my blog

One of the most frequently asked questions is — “Yaad nahi rehta..kya kare?”
Seriously I never had a jadhi-booti for the same.. But I would like to ask – “kabhi kisi se mohabbat ki hai?” Jise hum yaad rakhna chaahe wo yaad rehta hai.. Infact din-raat wahi yaad rehta hai… Uski pasand naapasand(Critical analysis),  quotes and quotations etc.. Isliye ek baat ka dhyaan rakhna.. Only one case study which you have retained and able to reproduce successfully in the examination hall can raise the bar of your answer to an unprecedented level.

Query 5
“Please focus on Paper 2 answer writing and relevant current affairs material “ — Dr Bhagi Manda
I’ll be sharing some sample answers in the next round.
Refer IJPA JOURNALS and IAS PORTAL magazine for current affairs update on pub adm.

Query 6
“For once n all tell us whether we should read less and think more in pub adm or should expand our study material? “ Ankur Kumar

Don’t go beyond the resources which I have mentioned above. No need actually… Regardin thinking.. YES! Start inter-relating chapter 1 and chapter 2 or chapter 9.. I can swear on that front that co-relation exists. It’s just that we need to work a little harder.

Query 7

I have joined coaching for pub ad. Please share how to make the most of it.

I am able to grasp all the concepts but while writing answers i am not able to understand what is a correct, good or very good answer. 

for examples:
1. a commit bureaucracy is not suitable for democracy. commet.
ans: I will explain what is commit bureaucracy, explain that bureaucracy is to provide stabilty and continuity. should be politically neutral to provide a balance in polity. ex of contrast in ideology of BJP and CPM and an IAS has to implement their policy as an instrument.
other side of argument in brief: +ve of commit bureaucracy ex of china.(unable to think of flowchart or diagram)

2. field of pa is field of business(wilson). comment.
ans: briefly mention that during times of wilson american administration was facing issues of corruption red tapsim etc. he wanted admn to be separated from hurry and strife of politics.
mention about similarities in public and pvt admin.
other side: in developing countries like india equity more imp than efficiency. we need bussiness but more of welfare.
briefly mention the difference in public and private admn.

Please let me know how to improve my answer writing skill. I am writing daily but not seeing much improvement in the presentation and quality.“–ksonu

Aapke answers kharab nhi hai bilkul bhi.
The most amazing part of the framework which you have provided is that you have grasped the essence of the questions asked…not an easy job,i must say!!

The deficiency stays in presentation – diagrams and flowcharts
Content: case studies or examples from present day India. For eg the recent initiative of O&M in the country which are directing pub adm towards business like approach.

Query 8

doodlebean for starters, kindly share the secret James Bond books that you referred and plz plz plz oh Lord(ess?) write answer to the questions that you attempted whatever you remember that you wrote.

Kindly provide guidance towards answer writing and how should paper I be tackled owing to the vague questions that came 2014 year.

What are you expecting in 2015?

Will you keep helping us from Academy also? 

Would you ask the other toppers too to come up and save the lesser mortals like me?— PS10000

Resources share kiye hai maine upar.
Detailed answers are already there on the pub adm paper discussion thread on forum.
2015 will bring a pleasant surprise — gut feeling.
I will — Doodle promise.

A request to the other toppers.. Please come forward and assist the pub adm juntaa…

READ-REVISE-REPEAT-READ…. should be your motto for the next few months..

Miles to go. Milestones to achieve.

Jai hind.Jai Bharat.


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