How to approach History in GS I? (by C M Saikanth Varma, AIR 18)

Bane rises!

GS Paper I is one of my favourite papers and I think I’m fairly strong in it. In this post, I will not focus on ‘what’ to read in history but on a bigger and a more prominent question of ‘how’ to study for History – the approach.

After going through several previous year question papers and analysing them I came to the conclusion that the following aspects in History are very very important –

  • Socio-economic conditions
  • Women

Socio-economic conditions during the various periods of history are more important than the rulers/leaders of those periods. For example, in 2013 there was a question on ‘The Great Economic Depression’. Its an economic crisis whose implications were felt in the social spheres as well. So whether it is ancient India, medieval India, modern India, post independence or world history, never neglect the socio-economic conditions of the people. For example, what led to the 1991…

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