Civil services preparation is a blend of unlimited work and limited time. The latter two form the core ingredients of an interesting delicacy of our life stress.

Often we have been imbibed with ill-effects of it and more than this with the timely expert guidance from almost everyone around- try some meditation, why don t you go for a long walk, stress-oh! listen to some music; it would help and yes what we all certainly try out . With a smile, a deep breathe in and out.. but more or less we have customized our own ways to counter it temporarily. So you must be thinking then what is the other side to it. It is nothing but the same side that we end up after exhausting all our counter attacks and then coming to the conclusion , leave it, let me go back to work .

Stress is the culmination of less energy and more work. As per a simple equation, the first half should be increased with the management of second half. Healthy food and good sleep do address the energy part but the key lies in management of work which is all about prioritizing the urgent and important work(chapters,books etc) and completing them.

However, the most important of all, it all begins with the mental software of ours, the very first thought, I am stressed . It is after we engage with this thought , ingrain it and start fighting , forgetting that WHAT WE RESIST, ACTUALLY PERSIST. In the process of relieving it, we end up creating more of it.
So for a change, can we try out befriending it and accepting that it comes, so that next time when the best buddy knocks , let us welcome it on a comfortable seat and rather than us engaging with it; let it do some work by handing over Medieval history NCERT(XI), I am sure it would definitely run away J
This mysterious delicacy,though may sour our taste buds for a while but is not much capable of taking away sweetness of our preparation. Every time it knocks,let us just rewind our software to thirty minutes, a day back or may be months back to the moment of our last smile and it wouldn’t be a long back but right that moment itself … 🙂


7 thoughts on “STRESS RELIEVING : THE OTHER SIDE – By Deepshika Sharma(AIR 33)

  1. Stress management, yes, thats d most important thing in d preparation. Everybody talks abt d books and strategies to crack this toughest nut ever but who talks abt d mindset u shud b carrying during ur prep? This exam is definitely abt 10% hard work and 90% attitude. The stress takes toll on ur energy and ur targets achievement becomes a distant dream.
    Deepshikha, thank you abt bringing this vital part on d discussion table. U cracking dis nut in first attempt is a wonderful example of this positive attitude.
    Congratulations!!! U deserve every bit of this glory. Happy to know that my country will be administered by one such person who carries positive aura.

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  2. Beautifully worded! Has an instant soothing impact on the stressed nerves and you come across a very positive, cheerful and confident person. CSE preparation is also about having a proclivity for perseverance and different, atypical outlook towards things- welcoming the best buddy on a comfortable seat, as you said. And in the words of Dr.Kalam-“Let difficulties know that you too are difficult.” 😉
    Thanks and best wishes!

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  3. I am getting hopeless because of last two attempt I can’t qualify pre exam. ……so now for 2015 pre I am stressed. So any suggestion relating to continue my confidence better at now (hindi medium. …sorry if any wrong spell )


    • Dharmendra, civil service exam is a long process. You need patience and perseverance to succeed. Keep calm and gain confidence. Do meticulous revision and practice test papers regularly to gain confidence.


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